“We live in the modern world”

We love a lot about where we live in Sheffield. Walkley has a community spirit, a village feel, and you can bump into people you know when you’re out and about. There are independent shops and a lot of great people.

But there’s also a darker side, which Louise and Pippa faced bluntly this week.

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In search of a family car(go bike)

We have been testing a few options to find some transport which works for us now that we have a little one.

We haven’t owned a car so far, and by intentionally living in a city suburb within close reach of friends, local services, the town and a national park, we hope we shouldn’t need to get one.

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Today I met Mohammed (the story of an empty battery blessing)

Excuse me, I said.


Excuse me, do you know where the nearest Tube station is?

Oh, um, yes. This way. It’s – what’s you say – it’s – I’m going, I’ll show you. Pimlico! That’s what it is, follow this way.

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First things first

Pippa has been setting a few records. Personal bests in just about everything she does. They say there’s a first time for everything, and for Pip pretty much everything is for the first time. Some day maybe she will be old and, having been president of the US or somewhere, will have to go skydiving for her 90th birthday to get her kicks.

But for now, everything is shiny and new.

A few firsts then.

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“What is the user need?” – at 3am

Doo do do, du dodo da doo.

Up the stairs… step, step step, step. About-turn, not hesitating too long at the top. Down stairs step, step, step, step. Make the most of those bounces that the stairs give for free.

Doo do do, du dodo da doo.

Why am I doo-do-ing We Three Kings, over and over and over?

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How do you start this thing?

Writing the second book or album might be the ‘difficult one’, but in blogs it is probably more often the first post. So we’ll get this out of the way and aim for more interesting things down the line.

We’ve put this here to be a place to share some stories from our family. Going up hill and down again, in Sheffield where there are plenty of them, near the Peaks where there are more, and all with our new addition, Pippa.

Come along for the ride.

Sam and Louise