Making do

Sometimes it is to save money.

Sometimes it’s more fun.

And sometimes we just forgot her hat (even if it was in my back pocket all along)

1. The Cheapyhead

Sleepyhead cot pillow things seem pretty pricy for essentially a sausage-shaped pillow. Apparently they emulate the cocooning feeling of being in the womb. As does, we hope, a roll of blanket under the sheet.

img_0115 Cheapyhead

2. Red bulb for nightlight

Louise needed a low, warm light to avoid stimulating Pip at night. I looked for an LED one, very low brightness, with fitting to match our existing bedside lamps. Not easy to find. If it were even possible it would mean paying non-trivial amounts and would be yet another online delivery (already feel like we need to have a “you have to remember what you ordered to be allowed to open the package” rule). So Louise came up with the pink muslin and mini (oh-so-trendy) clothes pegs. Real pegs would also work.


3. Changing tables when on the go

Pippa has had a pit stop on a park bench (grandparents assisting), a pannier in the back of the most baby-friendly and cycle-friendly opticians in Sheffield. (Another use for that lovely red Ortlieb waterproofness.) And a train luggage rack. The latter I didn’t snap as my phone was out of battery. But that can sometimes be a good thing.



4. Hat-substitute

I forgot her hat on a chilly bus trip out to Bradfield. But I like to think that the vest bandana has a certain verve.


5. Halloween ‘costume’

Attempting the ‘Pinterest baby in a pumpkin’ thing… which turns out to need one bigger than the standard-issue Asda £1 ones. Still, she didn’t get as upset as some babies do, and the pumpkin turned into my birthday cake some days later.

Pip on a pumpkin